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PhDr. Vít Němčák - International Wedding Photographer

Tel.: +420 775 67 69 62, vit.nemcak@seznam.cz






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are you looking for an international wedding photographer for a good price? If so, you have probably allready found him :-)

I come from the Czech Republic and have been shooting weddings for 14 years here. I became an international wedding photographer 4 years ago and recently I mostly shoot the weddings in Austria. This year I decided to spread my locations further:-) because I am able to speak fluent english and german language.

I use two Canon-cameras with Canons best lenses (L-Lenses, 5 of them), because I want to produce the best possible photographs during the wedding day. You have to decide by yourselves, if I did my best by watching my portfolio, because every photographer has its own style, creative imagination and visions and every customer likes different photographs. I don´t like people, who talk too much about their work and photographs, because I think that only the photographs should speak for themselves. From this point of view it will be better if you watch my photographic work on this website by yourselves and only you will decide if my photographs are good or bad.


If you like my photographs, then let me know by E-mail, please

(vit.nemcak@seznam.cz) and I will send you my pricequotation for wedding photography

Contact - PhDr. Vít Němčák, Tel: +420 775 67 69 62, E-mail: vit.nemcak@seznam.cz

Place of residence - Na Dolách 565/7, Troubky PLZ 751 02, Czech Republic

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Wedding in USA - Wisconsin: